Can Anyone do Yoga?

Practicing yoga has been associated with many health benefits, and everyone can benefit from this body technique. The idea that yoga is just for super flexible young people, dancers, and gymnasts, Indian swamis, or flower children of the 1960s, is mercifully fading. People are discovering that yoga truly is for everybody. Old and young, male and female, gym rats and couch potatoes are all finding benefits which include: stress reduction, improved mobility, and flexibility of the joints, increase in strength, and a greater sense of calm, focus and well- being. And there is a class that is the right fit for everyone to reap those rewards.

When first starting out, if in reasonable shape and able to get up and down off the floor, take an introductory or beginners yoga course. These courses will introduce the basic breathing, postures, and relaxation techniques that are a part of all types of yoga. A course like this will typically last 6-8 weeks.

The course should be designed so that all body types and all fitness levels can participate fully. Modifications and adjustments should be offered for the positions that are difficult at first. A knowledgeable teacher who can clearly explain what, how and why the postures are important, and their benefit is a must. The introductory class will give the beginning student an idea what classes to attend next. If you still need a course and don’t know what to pick, check out the yoga burn – website for one possible idea. Here is their yoga Strinkingly page and their behance.

Most people will then be able to continue joining in an open or all levels class. As the name implies, this course is for everyone and proceeds at a moderate level. Some slightly more challenging postures may be offered with modifications. Anyone who has finished an introductory course should feel comfortable in this course. An advanced, or upper-level course, will contain even more postures and variations, more rounds of sun salutations – the flowing, aerobic series of poses, and inversions like the headstand, shoulder stand, and handstand.

People with special health considerations: hip and knee replacements, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, problems with balance, along with others, should consider taking a gentle yoga class. This class will proceed at a very slow and relaxed pace with an emphasis on gentle postures and breathing that do not aggravate existing physical conditions. Students may use a chair or the wall for extra support. Chair Yoga has been developed so that those who simply cannot get up and down off the floor can participate in yoga as well. Most of the postures have been adapted so that they can be performed to the same benefit from a seated position. More of these types of classes are being offered every day.

Ask your friends, neighbors, as well as a doctor, if they can recommend a good class or teacher for you. Use the Internet, look for ads on bulletin boards and the newspaper, and search out community education classes, local churches, and studios to find a match for you. Start yourself on a healthier path today. Start doing yoga today to enjoy the many benefits it comes with!

10 Health benefits of fruit infused water

Water is the body’s source of life. Being hydrated not only improves your overall health and flushes toxins out of the body naturally but also keeps the skin elastic and plump. Infused water is a healthy way of detoxifying the body. One reason why infused water has become popular is that it helps one to lose weight while maintaining good health. The following are the top 10 benefits of drinking infused water.

1. It is loaded with nutrients

When preparing infused water, nutrients leak out to the water. Therefore, besides being flavorful, infused water is packed with antioxidants phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins which makes it a healthier alternative to plain water, energy drinks like soda and vitamin water.

2. It wards off diseases

Depending on the ingredients used, infused water can lower obesity, heart disease, flu, cold, and diabetes. The natural compounds in the fruits help to maintain an ideal range of body pH which decreases the chances of getting cancer.

3. It slows the aging process

Infused water contains powerful antioxidants that slows the aging process and fights damage caused by the free radicals. They also enhance the production of collagen which leaves the skin silky and smooth. If you begin to take infused water today, you will feel and look younger in just weeks.

4. Boosts Metabolism

Fruits contain compounds that enhance metabolism, helping the body to burn more calories daily. An example is lemon infused water has metabolism boosting effects, it energizes and promotes weight loss.

5. Helps to maintain a healthy body weight

Infused water is more nutritious and filling compared to plain water. It contains less sugar and calories than soft drinks. Some fruits infused water will even help to reduce cravings and suppress your appetite making you feel fuller for longer and giving you control over your weight.

6. It boosts your energy

Infused energy provides explosive energy. It is recommended for fitness and active people including athletes. Infused water can replace sports drinks, it tastes better, it is safer and healthier not to mention its electrolyte and antioxidant power.

7. Helps to spice up the diet

There are many ways of making infused water. You can try fresh mint, cucumber, peach watermelon, orange and strawberry, lemon grapes among many others. With so many fruit infused water recipes to choose from, you cannot get bored.

8. Enhances digestion

If your belly keeps on bloating or hurting, citrus infused water can help to settle the tummy by supporting digestive function. In case you have any digestive problems, you can take apples, oranges, papaya, lemon or ginger infused water. These fruits have a cooling effect and they help to clean up the digestive system.

9. Eliminate toxins from the body

Due to the high content of antioxidant in infused water, it cleanses the body removing the toxins. It also keeps the body well hydrated and removes waste from the body system. This results in a stronger immune system and better health.

10. Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth

Infused water is flavorful, yet it does not contain any sugars and calories. Therefore, it is a great choice for fitness buffs and dieters with a sweet tooth but want to stay fit.